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English Language Development

Mission Statement


The mission of the English Language Development (ELD) Program of the Juniata Valley School District to provide instruction and support in English language development to foster the linguistic, academic progress, personal and social growth of English Learners (ELs).


Goals and Objectives


The purpose of the English as a Second Language Program of the Juniata Valley School District is to create a culturally sensitive environment where students acquiring English are given the opportunity to develop the language skills necessary to communicate for social and instructional purposes in order to succeed in school and community. The emphasis placed on achieving benchmarks is adjusted to the needs of the individual student.


The objectives of our ELD Program are as follows:


  1. English learners acquire full proficiency in English at or better than expected growth.
  2. Decrease in the number of Long-term ELs not making progress in English language proficiency.
  3. Classroom teachers and administrators understand and accept the specific language acquisition needs of ELs and actively seek ways to better serve this population.

Non-English parent(s) are provided access to participate in their child’s education on an equal basis as their English-speaking peers (communication in a mode and language they can understand, timely notification of the English Language acquisition progress of their child, opportunities to participate in district programs) 




Please find the JVSD ELD curriculum descriptions HERE.