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Kyle Payne

Hello, and thank you so much for visiting the technology department here at the Juniata Valley School District. Our goal is to provide our students and staff with a technology-rich environment, that allows our teachers to implement effective instructional practices, and our students to explore their passions. 

We are working very hard to introduce new computer science and STEM concepts into our curriculum, as well as exposing students to new technologies such as drones, virtual and augmented reality, 3D printing and so much more. Our on and off campus Content Management Systems allow students to access coursework, produce homework and receive feedback from instructors inside and outside of the district. We also offer full-time cyber school options as well.

Finally, check out our youtube channel “Hornet-TV” to get a great idea of what life is like in the valley. We cover everything from sporting events to ceremonies on our channel. Nothing gives you the inside view of JV, like Hornet-TV.